Saturday, January 17, 2009

Class Assignment 1 - The dream machine

This is the blog created specially for NM2208 - Principles of Visual Communication.

Here I am with my first in-class assignment: A Dream Machine Which Enhances Creativity x 100! (does not have to be practical)

My idea of a dream machine is simple, it has to be smart & creative. It also has to be able to convey its own ideas/ concepts of creativity to me, or is able to offer comments on what is creative or non - creative in its own sense.

After 5 mins of doodling in the lecture hall, this is what i came up withBasically, it is made up of 3 components: the 'brain', the processor and the 'disseminator' .

Take a closer look at the brains and you will realize that it is genetically made up of brains from world famous artists and scientists. I figure by using their brains, its going to help in enhancing my own creativity.
After passing the concept/idea (that requires creativity) into the brain, the brain will pick up specific notions of it (note little dots in the spiderweb design). The spiderweb design is meant to highlight the complexity of ideas and the interlinkage of one concept with the other.

Lastly, the elements that are picked up and links of concepts will be shown in a screen for easy reference.

That is my dream machine (:

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