Wednesday, February 25, 2009

U C what I C

'U C what I C' is a visual assignment which requires us to take up to 8 photos to narrate our story. We were given a choice of whether we want to include a twist in our story or not. Which I did as you can see from my final images.

I first wanted to do a story of an ugly girl. She is looked down upon in school and she is an introvert. One day, she was scouted by a modeling agency and they felt that she has the potential to be a outstanding model. So she went for a photoshoot and all. And in the end, those people that laughed at her did not manage to recognise her and is reading the magazine she modelled it.

Moral of story: Ugly duckling; do not look at people superficially.

I did some sketches but as the day nears for my official photoshoot with my 'model', I find it impossible to get so many people to help out. Furthermore, I was not able to confirm the timings exactly with them and this ended up being scrapped.

I spent another 3 hours scratching my brains for more ideas and in the end I decided to focus my assignment on the topic of 'stress'

My storyline borders on the idea of: what you think of in the day = what you dream of when you sleep. It is kind of like the chinese proverb ---- fill in proverb!---

This is actually a personal experience. I was having some trouble coping with stress when I was about to take my A 'levels'. So here goes:

Do you understand what I am trying to portray over here? Yes, all the blood and gore happened in her dream, and she was actually 'slicing' with a ruler. (That is my twist!)

I presented in class and the comments given were generally good:
- Good angles
- Colour composition is fine (Thank you Fuji)
- Story is clear

Since no bad comments were given (my friends are all so shy!), I still feel there is room for improvements. Yes, I have decided to blurred the first 7 pictures more so that it contrast with the last picture and try to photoshop my blood to make it more real. (:

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