Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Class Assignment 2

In this in-class assignment, we were asked to pair up with another friend and pick 2 words from a list given to us and draw it using basic elements such as dots and lines. The medium has to be either hand drawn or computer graphic. Since I brought my laptop to school on thursday, my partner, Kenneth, and I decided to just render it in Photoshop.

So here are our 2 masterpieces. Can you guess what it represents?

Kenneth is from DW 5, so he chose to do clutter. Do you feel that the little balls are being squeezed out by the big ones? As for me, since I hail from DW3, I've chosen to do order.

Some how or other, my design turned out to look a bit like an optical illusion where some lines are longer than the other. But i swear they are the same length. And red is so strict a colour it represents order to me.

That's all for this little assignment!

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