Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Save, Prevent, Kill...

For this assignment, we were tasked to create a poster with the them 'Save, Prevent, Kill...' Target Audience being the general public as it will be placed at the bus stop and notice boards of busy streets.

I wanted to create a whole new idea based on saving one's self. I came up with a few ideas like how one can save him/herself:

1. Do not Self medicate (If one takes the wrong medicine, the condition will worsen)
2. Go for Regular Check ups (in case one have some unknown illnesses, it can be detected early)
3. Be aware of what you eat (some food may be very high in fat or cholesterol and are not good food)

In the end, I went with the first one due to personal experiences. My family members have the habit of self medicating and I abhor it because most of the times, I do not know what I am suffering from. The medicine does not solve the cause of the problem, but rather the symptoms only.

So I took pictures of the different types of medicine I have at home and put a 'do not do this' sign in yellow. I chose yellow because, it serves more of a precautionary warning rather than a straight forward DO NOT. (RED)

Here it is!

Comments given were:

1. Logos are too big, can scale them smaller
2. The header seems to blend into the background.
3. Must get rid medicine names!!
4. The tagline: Save yourself is not appropriate in this context.

To be honest, I was feeling quite down after all the comments. I've great hopes for this 'new idea' but somehow, I knew that I did not successfully bring it across in my poster. So i acted according to what suggestions they gave, mostly with the approval of Jing.

This is my new poster design, but I still think it can be further improved! Sigh.
Okay, me being me has decided that I will SQUEEZE whatever time I have (it is week 10 and I've got so many impending deadlines and storybook and what nots.) to conceptualize a whole new poster. I basically eat, sleep, drink photoshop for 8 hours non-stop on that fateful day when I made the decision. And I did not regret it one single bit.

I wanted something eye-catching, I want people's heart to wrench when they see this. I will not say I am very successful but to the few viewers of my new made poster, at least I know I made it when i see their expressions.

My idea was along the line of: save the animal, especially your pet from abuse. To me, abuse comes in different forms and it could be negligent or restriction. I chose restriction because it has not been widely adopted by the general public. More than often, we humans tend to force our pets to our own bidding. We push them, we drag them along as we walk, we force them to eat ABC can of food. We slap them if they did something wrong and we do not allow them to behave like an animal. We want them to be who we want them to be.

So the purpose of my poster is to teach the public, especially those ignorant that we should love our pets and not hurt them in the ways that we do. The main focus is 'LOVE' because I feel that as long as the owner loves its pet, problems such as those I mentioned above would be minimal.

Here it goes, MY FINAL ART.

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